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Our Mission
To provide an affordable yet effective way to advertise while focusing on exposure.
What we offer
1. We currently have a large amount of devices to be placed.

2.A Mobile app which has several different uses which benefits merchants.
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Cutting-edge Advertising Platform

The application provides minor statistics of our operations, and also to promote merchants and business owners in Malaysia. We provide the facility through our devices we place in selected merchant outlets by linking them to our Quick Charge app.

Quick Charge service is available at any selected merchants which will be shown in the app itself. Utilising our app will open up perks and benefits to consumers.


Why Choose Our Product

Better Target Market
Better Ads Exposure
Geo Taging

Brand empowerment & channel curation that changes your view of advertising.

  • Cheaper cost
  • Exposure per month minimum 60,000 audience
  • Direct interaction with consumer
  • Providing a targeted database for client
  • Advertise your business on other merchant